A little about me

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Hello lovely peeps!

My name is Chelsey and I’m a Holistic Nutritionist based on the Sunshine Coast of BC. As a big kid living with type 1 diabetes (d. 1999), gluten gloom and a zest for adventure, I get jazzed about finding that sweet balance.

Perhaps the lack of a fully functioning pancreas and a needy digestive system has led me to pursue a natural approach to being well. Beyond that, my mantra stems from a genuine desire to feel good and thrive – no matter what crappy (or character-building) challenges we face.

I get pretty stoked on the power of plant-based nutrition. I hope to inspire and ignite your plant passion too. You can also find me at sweet balance health.

Love + hemp hearts,

Chels xo


5 thoughts on “A little about me

  1. Hi I saw in one of your posts that you spent some time in Guatemala. Could you give me some info about how you managed your diabetes while living there? Where did you buy insulin?

  2. Thank you for your amazing article on insulin nation about what you would tell your teenaged self.

    You are appreciated!

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