5 Healthy Reasons to Live By the Sea

Sunshine Coast, BC (home)

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” – Jacques Yves Cousteau, Oceanographer

Each time I head to the shoreline, I’m reminded of how therapeutic and mystical it is to pause and savor the sea. We can be mindfully at ease and content with the world just by watching (and listening) to a wave. This can be especially helpful in restoring a sense of balance when life – or blood sugar – is erratic.

It’s the inspiration behind Seafoam, and perhaps why half of my house is covered in teal accent pieces. A deep sea love if you will.


kelp smoothie

While our positive pull to the ocean is more of an enigma than a measurable lab result, research on the physiological effects of coast life has shown that living near the ocean is super good for us.

Tulum beach

Tulum beach

According to evolutionary experts, our natural draw to the sea could be due in part to our biological composition of roughly 60% water. Perhaps we’re drawn to that which we came from?


Soul surfing in Tofino

Here are a few health benefits of heading out to sea…

Cleansing air. Take a deep breath of salty ocean air. Feel better? I know I do. People with allergies, asthma or respiratory conditions are often encouraged to inhale some wind off the sea. The Ayurvedic neti (nasal cleansing) tradition is also drawn from the salt of the sea.

Meditation space. Getting our “om” on is relatively easy at the beach. Being near or on the water can help us gain clarity, set goals and de-clutter the mind.

beach daze

Belize sunset

Natural exfoliation. Salt water and sand provide excellent sources of renewal and healing for skin. While covering our legs in sand mermaid fins doesn’t have a huge appeal in winter, there’s always the option of an invigorating polar dip.

Vitamin sea. A mere 15 minutes of daylight at the beach helps our skin synthesize vitamin D, which is needed for calcium absorption and bone health. The sun doesn’t even need to beam at its fullest to activate this pathway!

Seaweed (or microalgae) is also therapeutic for the thyroid and metabolism, thanks to naturally occurring iodine. Sadly our beloved ocean has undergone devastating pollution, so be sure to source your seaweed from a clean, wild-harvested organic source.


Koh Samui

Clear mind. Connecting with the ocean is one of the best ways to get grounded, practice gratitude and cultivate compassion. It gives us a deeper sense of the big picture, and helps us let go of the daily minutiae. The ocean is a perfect place to exhale old thoughts and inhale a fresh mindset.

Like the ocean, we’re in a constant state of flow.

If you don’t have easy access to the coastline, go play in the trees, lakes, waterfalls, zen gardens or rooftop green spaces! And embrace every opportunity to visit the sea.

Happy ebbing + flowing ❤



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