Gold Habits for Grey Days

Happy mid-December, radiant ones!

stay golden

When the dreary west coast drizzle had me feeling all bleh, the sun came through! Wahoo! I’ve also been up to my eyeballs in cold-pressed fruit and veggie pulp with my local startup, Seafoam Juice.


When the climate outside gets frightful, here are a few ways to infuse lightness into your day and keep spirits bright…just in time for the holidays. 🙂

TURMERIC. This sunny spice has gained star power as a superfood for inflammation and immunity, thanks to its active compound curcumin. I use fresh turmeric root in my cold-pressed juices and smoothies, as well as in powdered supplement form.

If your knees are aching from those cold-weather runs, turn to turmeric!


SUNNY INTENTION. Waking up feeling sluggish and restless is a common side effect of overcast skies. Rising with a positive intention or affirmation can help restore purpose and energy, even if the clouds are literally closing in. A happy mantra can serve as a raincoat to repel negative emotions and let positive vibes flow through.

Try these out:
“I am starting the day with lightness and love.”
“I thrive in a state of gratitude.”
“Seasonal shifts bring growth and transition.”
“Rain water is cleansing and life-giving.” You get the idea.

VITAMIN D. To find out if you really need a shwack load of daily vitamin D, go get tested with your naturopathic doctor. This time of year, it can be tricky to soak up the recommended 15 minutes of daylight to synthesize vitamin D through the skin. Some studies also show that us peeps with type 1 diabetes have lower vitamin D stores (oh yay).

Vitamin D maintains strong bones, joints, tissues, teeth and muscles. D also helps regulate our immunity, along with calcium and phosphorous absorption. Opt for D3 in supplement form (the easiest form our bodies can assimilate). Good food sources of D include chanterelle mushrooms, organic egg yolks, raw almonds, wild fish and non-GMO fermented soy products like miso & tempeh.

OUTDOOR CONNECTION. Unplug from screen time, slip on your gumboots, zip up the gore-tex and go embrace the great outdoors! Absorbing negative ions from nature uplifts our mood and overall energy. Thanks nature, you’re neat.

winter is here

HOLIDAY SPIRIT. Embracing the festive season can guide us merrily through the dark days of December. Throw on your tacky Christmas sweater for that holiday party. Volunteer at your local food bank. Help create holiday hampers for single moms. Bake a batch of gluten-free gingerbread for your neighbor.

Daily acts of kindness have a significant ripple effect, and they truly embody the season of giving!

Stay golden xo


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