To Juice or Blend? Exploring the Benefits of Drinking Our Nutrients

Hey wonderful peeps! I hope the start of your week is flowing with wellness…

After recently launching Seafoam, a little organic fresh-pressed juice and smoothie bar at my local farmers’ market, I’ve been asked this question a lot:

“What’s the nutritional difference between blending and juicing? Is one healthier than the other?”

green juice heart

The very short answer: both green juices and smoothies can have awesome benefits to our health.

For anyone wishing to delve a little deeper, here’s a breakdown of two popular ways to drink our nutrients. I also love this helpful infographic from green juice goddess Kris Carr.


  • Increases fiber intake, which aids digestion and promotes happy blood sugar levels.
  • Allows us to blend a handful of greens and feel OK about skipping salad.
  • Offers a slower release of nutrients and sustained energy throughout the day.
  • Space for nutrient-dense superfoods like matcha, bee pollen, cacao, hemp hearts, medicinal mushroom extracts, vegan sprouted protein powder…endless potential!
  • An opportunity to add sources of healthy fats (ex. avocado, unrefined coconut oil, raw nut butter).

the tree hugger smoothie



  • Detoxifies, cleanses and energizes our systems.
  • Provides a concentrated, instant infusion of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
  • Gives our digestive system a break so cells can focus on repair and recovery (especially good for tummy troubles and sensitivity to fiber).
  • We can stir in the pulp for extra fiber, or reclaim it to make dehydrated crackers, baked treats and compost.
  • Diversifies our nutrient intake with different veggies that aren’t always on our plate.
  • Offers a natural blood sugar boost when we need one (ideally from a smaller portion of higher water-content fruits, or veggies like beets and carrots).

kid-approved smoothie

One source of constant joy in serving fresh organic smoothies and juices is seeing that first-sip reaction, especially from little sprouting kidlets. Knowing we can empower the next generation to make healthy plant-based choices is pretty inspiring!

I love a good superfood smoothie to help fuel my day, and fresh-pressed green juice for a healthy dose of nutrients. Do you juice and/or blend on the daily? What’s your favourite recipe?

Ps: if you’re heading to the Sunshine Coast this summer, come find me on Saturdays at the Sechelt Farmers’ & Artisans’ Market! 🙂

❤ ❤ ❤



One thought on “To Juice or Blend? Exploring the Benefits of Drinking Our Nutrients

  1. Hi Chelsey,

    Great post on juicing and blending! I couldn’t agree more, both juices and smoothies have its own set of health benefits which we all can enjoy 🙂

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