7 Ways To Justify A Sedentary Lifestyle and How To Get Over Them

Sometimes, doing nothing is vastly fulfilling. Other times, when our inner ‘no’ voice creeps up, it’s easy to give in and stay stagnant.

Einstein once wisely said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Applying this philosophy to our everyday rituals could be as genius as the theoretical physicist himself.


While periods of rest are essential to restoring the mind and body, a little movement each day could help us thrive longer.

Here are a few perfect excuses for not being active, and how to dismantle them…

  1. I live in a concrete jungle with lack of access to fresh, clean air.
    Do you live in Mumbai or Bangkok? Is there a smog advisory in your neck of the woods? If not, the smoky cloud emitted from a passing delivery truck probably shouldn’t deter you from pounding the pavement.

    Most urban neighborhoods offer some sort of green space, woodsy gravel path, seawall route or nearby forested trail. Many gym treadmills also come equipped with simulated trail running options (and screen visuals) to take your mind off the hamster wheel sensation.

  2. I’m too busy to guzzle down a green smoothie, let alone squeeze in a spin class.
    Okay, we’re all busy bees with self-imposed deadlines and frenzied crunch times at work. The more we integrate little bursts of heart-pumping, endorphin-raising activity, the better we are at adapting to stress and increasing productivity.

  3. I rocked an intermediate hot yoga class the other day and now everything hurts.
    Good for you. Today is a new day, and a fresh opportunity to cultivate balance with a little more movement. It doesn’t have to be a half marathon or back-to-back bar method session. A short breezy walk with a friend or solo stroll can do wonders for our mental clarity and overall well-being.

  4. The gym is overpriced, boring and generally not my scene.
    Switch up the old workout routine or try a group class. Many gyms and yoga studios offer affordable intro passes and free trials. Better yet, it’s absolutely free to go play in the great outdoors.

  5. I imbibed too heavily last night, and the aftershock was remedied by a greasy brunch.
    Everyone deserves a breather, or perhaps a full day off from the norm. But a sluggish digestive system (not to mention an overburdened liver) is even more reason to get active and keep things flowing.

    You know that feeling when toxins seem to be oozing from your pores? A few cleansing Chaturanga Dandasanas could help get your glow back.

  6. I’m committed to conserving energy, and my fave pair of athletic crops are in the wash.
    Would it be totally unethical to re-wear ’em? After seeing someone ski in a Canadian tuxedo (a.k.a. full jean get-up), I’ve come to realize that fresh fitness attire is a non-essential (yet helpful) component of physical activity.

    In our infinitely connected tech-powered world, we could wear pj’s and take part in a free online fitness class if we so desired. Then there’s naked yoga, if you’re into that.

  7. A torrential downpour has claimed the outdoors and Netflix is beckoning.
    Have you ever tried running in the rain? Personally, I find it’s pure bliss. Kind of like the whole sweating while swimming phenomenon. You get soaked and refreshed all at once. Give it a try.

Do you have a favorite excuse to forego fitness? Flipping these negative thought patterns sunny side-up might inspire more motivation, especially when we’d rather embrace our inner couch potato.

Happy movements ❤



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