Love Food, Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste

Did you know that food waste packs on an average of $700 a year to each household’s grocery bill? Yowza.

Our collective food waste is a real shocker. Not to mention the water, electricity, fertilizer, soil degradation and fuel that it takes to produce this waste. Even crazier? The annual worldwide amount of food waste could probably end global starvation.

Despite mass efforts at composting, recycling and stretching leftovers, it’s no easy feat to live waste-free. I am notorious for leaving containers in the fridge until their contents no longer look edible. If you hold onto your fresh-pressed green juice pulp to make vegan hot cakes or fab fruit leather, good on ya.

You may have heard about the brilliant British Love Food Hate Waste campaign, where household avoidable food waste has been reduced by over 20% since 2007 (go Brits!). The goal of Metro Vancouver’s sister campaign is to reduce avoidable food and liquid waste by 10% in 2018.

Seems doable, right?

Here’s a quick snapshot of the #nofoodwasted campaign:

Vancity’s Love Food Hate Waste initiative home site offers a ton of resources, ranging from food saving tips to kitchen basics, food hacks, recipes and community input.

To take part in the campaign, we can blog, tweet, share a Facebook post and submit our own food saving ideas here.

One of my go-to food saving tips:
When it comes to itty bits of raw nuts, seeds, dates, coconut shreds and that last scrap of almond butter, throw it all into a food processor and blend up a quick batch of energy balls. No food processor? Simply chop, mash and roll by hand.

Awareness truly starts at home. Becoming more conscious in the kitchen leads to sustainable steps toward a green routine. And less waste! Woohoo!

Happy food love ❤



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