Simple Resolutions for Renewal

Happy new year, sparkly souls!

I hope your holiday season was nourishing for the heart. In past years, I’ve shared some thoughts and ‘feels’ on new year’s resolutions – mainly, embracing ease and finding new ways to thrive.

For 2016, here are some simple reminders to help keep us renewed and grounded. Little guideposts on the path to peace.

  • Practice gratitude. Aside from the warm and fuzzy feelings we get from expressing thanks, studies show that practicing gratitude can actually make us (and those around us) feel better. If creating a home altar adorned with mala beads isn’t your thing, try thanking the people you encounter in a day. Or practicing random acts of kindness.

  • Choose a positive thought. Negative stuff is inevitable. Dwelling on it longer than needed can spiral us into a puddle of mud. Take that ‘mud’ and visualize it on your skin (like a mud bath). Then wash it away and come out cleansed. Alternately, draw yourself a soothing bath and soak in positivity.
  • Be open to change and a little foundation shaking. It helps us grow new buds. Like the earth itself, we are constantly evolving.
  • Indulge mindfully. Let go of feeling deprived. This doesn’t look like eating with reckless abandon, but rather a conscious effort to treat yourself in moderation. Find your healthy sweet balance.
  • Start now. Today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present – right? Perhaps this means starting a new project, laying a fresh foundation, crushing a fitness goal, or picking up where you left off. If deep down you know it feels right (and maybe a little daunting), it could be time to take that leap.

Peace, love and glowing vibes for 2016! ❤



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