Daily Affirmations for Restoring Balance

Maybe an affirmation or mantra is already part of your daily ritual, or something you hear chanted in a yoga studio.


So, what’s a mantra?

The root of the Sanskrit term ‘mantra’ literally means mind (man) and instrument (tra). Deepak Chopra describes it as an instrument of the mind that we can use to enter a deep state of consciousness.

Traditional mantras are words that align with an intention or affirmation, and the collective ‘Om’ chant is one of the earliest mantras out there.

When we think mantras, it’s interesting to ponder how our thoughts and emotions affect our health (check out Molecules of Emotion by Candace B. Pert).  

The queen of affirmations, Louise L. Hay, has also connected healing with happy thoughts. A few years ago, my mom gave me a copy of I Can Do It! and my first reaction was, “really…?”.

After delving into Hay’s work (thanks to mom and a book report project at nutrition school), I came to realize that the power of genuine positivity ain’t just hippie fluff. It can actually give us a better sense of peace and well-being.  

A lot of negative self-talk can pop up into the mind of someone with type 1 diabetes.

For instance, when you do everything right but somehow your body decides to pull a fast one. “I ate an apple and went to the gym and now my blood sugar is through the roof”. UGH.

Out-of-range blood sugar readings can release a flurry of irrational thoughts and self-loathing (sometimes, even tears). Instead of attributing these cases to stress hormones or factors beyond my control, I usually go straight for the self-blame.

So when the going gets bumpy, here are a few gentle reminders to keep in your back pocket (or as post-it notes on your mirror, vision board, home screen). Regardless of whether diabetes is in your life, these love notes can help restore a little balance…

A number does not define me. (whether this be on a glucose monitor, weight scale or test score)

To keep my balance, I must keep moving forward.

I am letting go of what no longer serves me. 

Forgiveness creates ease.

Choose a happy thought.

This moment is filled with sweet joy.

Balance is the natural state of my body.

I am grateful for this lesson.

Look up and visualize the bigger picture.

look up

What are your favourite affirmations or mantras? I’d love to hear ’em!

Peace and happy thoughts xo


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