Sweet Heart-Happy Valentine’s Ideas

Whether flying solo or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day isn’t always rosy…

This Hallmark holiday can spur undue stress, angst and eye-rolling – especially when it comes to planning any sort of whimsical romantic ride. There’s always the classic velvet heart-shaped box of chocolates, but it doesn’t quite beam with imagination (or diabetic-friendliness).

Here are a few creative Valentine’s treats that won’t cause love handles, anxiety or major blood sugar woes…

HANDCRAFTED ROMANCE. If you’re in the mood to get your craft on, here is a perfect opportunity to turn everyday objects into works of heart. Like DIY heart-shaped paper clips via Jessica Jones. paper clips

CUPID WATERMELON HEARTS WITH CITRUS ARROWS. If you happen to have a heart-shaped cookie cutter, this one’s easy breezy. Or put your culinary knife skills to the test and carve out your own hearts. Watermelon boasts the heart-healthy antioxidant lycopene as well as a high volume of water, giving it a lower glycemic load. Check out these juicy watermelon creations from Spoonful.

watermelon hearts

CHERRY TOMATO LOVE BITES. According to the Doctrine of Signatures, the inner cross-section of a tomato bears an uncanny resemblance to the heart, and coincidentally this bright red veggie actually supports heart health. Once again we can thank the antioxidant lycopene for that. Try these little love bites from the Eye Candy blog. tomato hearts

SEDUCTIVE SMOOTHIE. Nothing oozes romance like fiber. In case you were curious, fennel is considered a potent aphrodisiac in lifting female libido. Trade long stem roses for rose water and check out this sweet Rosy Fennel Strawberry Smoothie from Erin Urton at tuja wellness. rosy fennel strawberry smoothie_tuja wellness

DIP OF PASSION. Give boring beige hummus a deep ruby twist by turning up the beet. A rich source of betaine, beets can help offset cardiovascular disease. High in vitamin C, beetroot juice has also shown real progress in reducing high blood pressure (better in small doses for blood sugar balance). Experiment with this sweet little beet hummus recipe from Whole Foods. beet hummus

TOE TOUCHING LOVE. Whether you’re looking to steam things up with tantric yoga or a power flow class, consider spending some quality time on the mat this Valentine’s Day. Treat yourself or a loved one to a free yoga class until February 15th at any YYoga studio by simply saying #spreadlove. yyoga Happy heart day! ❤


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