Starting Fresh & Embracing Change

Starting anything new can be super daunting…especially when we’re dialed into our old ways!

A wise philosopher once said, the only thing constant in life is change (right?).

For me, embracing change came recently in the form of going back on an insulin pump. After a lengthy struggle with managing life on daily multiple injections, it was time for a fresh plunge.

I had actually been a ‘pumper’ way back in the mid 2000’s before getting fed up of ripped tubing on door handles and keeping a 90’s pager holstered to my hip. Pump technology has definitely made strides since then, with a few different brands going ‘tubeless’ or having sensor-syncing powers. My new and improved MiniMed Paradigm Veo pump still has tubing, but it does seem like one step closer to gaining more balance with the ‘betes.

practicing my form

practicing my form

For anyone unfamiliar with this type of diabetes therapy, it’s essentially the closest thing to an artificial pancreas – the caveat being that I have a cannula sitting under my skin delivering insulin at all times, and the pump has to be programmed manually based on how my body uses insulin. Big adjustment. Especially when exercise is thrown in on top of hormones, carb counting and sleep. This mighty little device also costs $7000 (fortunately my extended medical covered this).

That being said, I find the pump to be a heck of a lot more user-friendly than my old pen needles. My ‘bionic woman’ status has also skyrocketed (I’m literally powered by triple A batteries).

photo (5)


yep...that's my love handle.

yep…that’s my love handle.

This lifestyle change was a biggie for me. It’s easy to push change onto the back shelf – we get busy, stuck in the daily rut, used to our familiar routine. A mindful way to look at it could be asking, what serves (or doesn’t serve) us in life right now? It might be as simple as changing yogurt brands or signing up for a new challenge, or even considering a radical shift in career. Every little (or big) change counts.

In the spirit of starting fresh, what healthy changes could you make today?



2 thoughts on “Starting Fresh & Embracing Change

  1. Very proud of you Chels. I hope this new change is exactly what you need so that you can do whatever you want! The world can expect great things from someone as amazing as you!

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