Why Pumpkin Deserves Even More Praise

The ole’ pumpkin is a prime fall mascot.Traugers-farm-bucks-county-large

It even has its own spice! If you ask me, the trio of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger are pretty much the bee’s knees.

This time of year, it’s hard to go out in public without seeing the smattering of pumpkin fusions. Pumpkin beer, soup, scones…even DavidsTea has introduced a line of all things pumpkin!

Some might argue that the official autumn equinox actually begins when Starbucks rolls out its beloved pumpkin spice latte (which doesn’t contain any real pumpkin, funny enough).

Like most foods, pumpkin in its true whole form offers up a gracious host of heartwarming nutrients. Here are a few…

  • Zinc, Selenium & EFA’s.Β Pumpkin seeds in particular are loaded with anti-inflammatory zinc, antioxidant selenium, and plant-based omega-6 fatty acids. They’re a great source of snack love.
  • Fiber. Keeps ya satiated and regular! Plus it acts like a buffer in carbohydrate metabolism, so blood sugar can stay in closer check.
  • Vitamin C. Helps boost immunity and build collagen in skin and bones.
  • Beta-carotene. This antioxidant gives pumpkins their deep orange glow.
  • Bioflavonoids. Found in most plant sources, these little pigments not only neutralize free radicals in the body, but also play a key role in skin and eye health.

I like this brand of organic pumpkin puree. If you’re in the mood for a fresh batch, here’s a simple 4 step guide on how toΒ bake your own fresh pumpkin puree at home.

Happy pumpkin season!


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