Natural Remedies for Healing a Broken Face (and Spirit)

I tend to be on the clumsier side. From falling off beach logs to tripping over tree roots and ripping out my insulin pump tubing on a door handle, the whole hand-eye coordination has never been my thing.

Just recently I wound up doing a face plant right into a paved trail. Oopsy. Granted it was pouring rain, and I was pedaling pretty aggressively on my single speed cruiser. Luckily no major damage. Once the ER doc glued my skin back together and said my nose was likely fractured, I was able to head on home. Looking lovely and fresh faced.



With type 1 diabetes, wound healing can be a slow painstaking process. This involves blood sugar fluctuations and how fast our immune cells can tackle infection. Having to forego fitness didn’t help much as my blood sugars went haywire adjusting to new insulin doses. Alas, one more reason to keep a close eye on the ‘betes.

Aside from the tried and tested RICE method (rest, ice, compression, elevation), along with polysporin and painkillers, here are some healthy tips to support healing after a bad spill!

Vitamin E.
As an antioxidant, vitamin E is a wellness wonder. It also gives blood sugar metabolism a boost by reducing oxidative stress on the body, which is rad news for diabetes! I didn’t realize how much power this little vitamin wields until I poked a hole in a capsule and smothered the oil directly onto my face (thanks mom!). The road rash practically vanished in a few days. Astounding.

Aloe Vera.
Sometimes a trusted antibiotic cream is essential, but it doesn’t hurt to help speed things along naturally. Being an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing plant, aloe vera has a stellar reputation in the realm of healing. Literally called ‘owie cream’, I found a natural topical treatment made with pure aloe that actually helped A LOT. I also love that it’s handcrafted locally right over on the Sunshine Coast here in BC.

Carol's Owie Cream

Rescue Remedy.
Some may consider the Bach Rescue Remedy ‘flower therapy’ to be an expensive placebo for soothing anxiety. Others swear by it. Either way, I think these herbal blends do have a calming impact, even if it’s about mindfully pulling the plug on whatever acute stressors we’re facing. Plus it’s still cheaper than a decent bottle of wine. With my combination of cuts and cartilage damage, I opted for homeopathic arnica, which stems from the alpine plant Arnica Montana (part of the sunflower family!).


Immune Support.
Getting phytonutrients through greens will help our immune system pack a powerful punch against foreign invaders. When I felt like my two front teeth were on the verge of turning black or falling out (so far no sign of this), absorbing nutrients through a straw was about all I could handle. A smoothie with fresh berries, plant-based protein powder like Vega One, and dark leafy greens provides an easy slurp of nutrient-dense energy when we can’t even bite into an apple.

green smoothie

Comfort Food.
More of a band-aid solution for emotional wounds, comfort foods can definitely help in times of trauma. Instead of indulging in tummy-troubling-blood-sugar-soaring scoops of ice cream, I like to think the recent surge of organic coconut frozen desserts are a slightly better option. Some offer a ‘diabetic friendly’ variety sweetened with stevia and erythritol, or agave syrup (which we know spikes blood sugars just like high-fructose corn syrup, so go easy). If you’re craving a homemade dessert with some healthier stats, check out these DIY vegan coconut ice cream sandwiches via tuja wellness. YUM.

photo (4)


After a couple of weeks, things are steadily on the mend. Although I’m still relying on the dark shades…

photo (3)

Happy healing for body and spirit!


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