Balancing Blood Sugars with Deep Breaths

lululemon/Sasha Smith

lululemon/Sasha Smith

Okay, so we need a lot more than deep breathing to keep our blood sugars in harmony, but more studies are showing that yoga and meditation can help tremendously with managing type 1 & 2 diabetes. Kinda makes sense, right?

The link between diabetes-related nerve pain, stress and mental health is being explored big time by scientific researchers – in one stream known as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Through meditation and yoga, this therapy aims to improve blood sugars and life in general through reducing stress and being more mindful of daily lifestyle choices. Check out the full article from the Canadian Diabetes Association here.

After recently wrapping up a month-long intro deal at a local yoga studio, I really got into the flow! Despite nearly falling asleep every time we collapsed into corpse pose, the simple act of focusing on my breath was pretty mind opening. ‘Cause how often do we actually hone in on our inhales and exhales? This whole mindfulness therapy is definitely onto something…not to mention it’s been around for eons in ancient Buddhist traditions.

Nowadays, at an average of $20 per drop-in, group yoga isn’t always the most affordable practice on a whim. However, most studios offer intro passes at next to nothing, as well as seasonal deals or by-donation classes. I like to switch it up. Lululemon also provides opportunities to jump in on free weekly yoga sessions in-store and online. So you can stretch your dollar and your downward dog (couldn’t resist).

If you really want to feel in tune with your mind-body-spirit connection, hands down (even in child pose) – yoga and meditation will help get you there. With type 1 diabetes, feeling in sync with my system and being mindful of how I treat it is sort of vital. So I’ll give my vote of confidence to any rituals supporting this happy balance.

Keep up the deep breaths!


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