Do Opposite Eaters Attract?

It’s an age old conundrum.  Can couples live harmoniously if they don’t share the same tastes?

If you and your significant other are star-crossed eaters too, you know the drill.  In our apartment, tofu gets a lot of unrequited love from my meat loving man friend.  We tend to share when it comes to veggies and staple cooking items, but not so much in the realm of treats, snacks and protein sources.  Truth be told, I’m a little greedy when it comes to sharing my sacred snacks.  Maybe it’s a product of growing up as an only child, or because diabetic-friendly/gluten-free gourmet rice chips cost more than a bag of zesty Doritos.  I realize this is selfish, especially when I slap his hand away from my bag of Late July chips, but he’s an omnivore and I have some special dietary needs.  Luckily he gets that.

Hers & His

hers & his

He loves red meat, I happen to like hemp seeds.  He puts up with my organic granola tendencies and I don’t harp on him (much) when he eats processed dirt.  Our food philosophies may differ but we find a way to make it work.  And since I genuinely care about his health too, I try to pitch more nutritious choices when we’re playing cooks or grocery shopping as a unit.  He often succumbs to macrobiotic stir-fries over chicken parmigiana.  Particularly when these plant-based meals actually taste good, which is hit or miss with my experimental cooking.  When he first suggested “let’s have quinoa tonight”, I think we had a breakthrough.

He might prefer a pint of beer over a fresh glass of pulverized greens, but we’ll still meet halfway for a cheers!


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