The Mighty Chia Seed

Good things come in small packages, right? Although this micro seed looks like it should be consumed by a small bird species (as my dad aptly puts it), chia offers up some ultra potent goodness for us humans.  Not to mention sprouting those luscious locks on Chia Pets.

Deceivingly tiny, chia seeds have the ability to slow the entry of carbohydrates into the bloodstream and aid in digestion.  Which means chia is a modern-day superfood – thanks to the Mayans and Aztecs who cultivated it way back when.

These smooth-textured power seeds have a light crunch and are often fused with quinoa salad, fermented kombucha drinks, smoothies, yogurt, breakfast cereals, energy bars and even pastries.  Chia takes on a gelatinous form when soaked, which gives a rad twist to a simple salad dressing.  Check out this Sexy Kale & Avocado-Chia Dressing via Kris Carr. 

Black Chia Kombucha

Black Chia Kombucha…an acquired taste.

As a complete source of protein, chia is jam packed with calcium and omega-3 fatty acids.  In addition to lowering cholesterol and delivering ample fibre, chia also has some major bragging rights when it comes to balancing blood sugars.  Talk about a stellar nutrition profile.

Gluten-Free Chia Bread

Gluten-Free Chia Bread

Relatively tasteless and quite versatile, you can integrate chia seeds into practically anything you’re munching on.  Even my dad has warmed up to these little seeds, thanks to mom’s culinary delights and Holy Crap!


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