Spare a Rose, Save a Child

20140210-221520.jpgIn the spirit of Valentine’s Day rose bouquets, Partnering for Diabetes Change has launched a flourishing campaign for the International Diabetes Federation program, Life for a Child. And of course I wanted to share this with you, rosy peeps!

It’s always heartbreaking to see graphic footage of children suffering from starvation and poverty (not to mention those in our own communities), and it’s even more devastating to think that many of these little ones might also be facing type 1 diabetes without access to insulin or supplies…

Fortunately, Life for a Child works to provide life-saving diabetes supplies, medication, and education outreach to kids in developing countries. They support over 12,000 children and youth living with diabetes in over 43 countries. Pretty remarkable, right?

Back in 2007, Academy Award-nominated director Edward Lachman joined forces with the IDF and Eli Lilly to produce a hard-hitting documentary on children with diabetes in Nepal, ‘Life for a Child’ (the trailer is a tear jerker). Lachman also produced ‘Lifeblood’, which chronicles the journeys of children with diabetes in the Democratic Republic of Congo (check out both film clips here). As you can tell, this stellar team is committed to championing awareness on diabetes and children in need.

For the cost of one rose this V-Day ($5), you can donate the value of those pretty petals to a child with diabetes in an impoverished area. One rose equals one month of life.

Until Valentine’s Day, donations can be made online at, and we can help spread the word through social media! #SpareARose

Happy Heart Dayheart


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