Diabetes, Detox & Green Juice!

On the heel of New Year’s resolutions, detox rituals seem to kick into high gear. Whether it’s time to restore balance, clarity or a clean energy slate, there’s a cleanse for that. But is detox really the optimal lifestyle overhaul for everyone? With type 1 diabetes, short-term colonic juice cleanses and shock flush treatments aren’t exactly fun or feasible – especially if we’re trying to keep up an active lifestyle with proper nutrition and happy blood sugars.

20140129-160215.jpgThat being said, last year my boyfriend and I tried out the popular 12 day Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox while on sale at Whole Foods (strategically post-holidays). Aside from mutual irritability over cutting out our favorite processed snacks, it wasn’t completely unbearable. I guess I didn’t feel quite as deprived given that I had already eliminated wheat and most dairy products. The daily potion of herbal supplements in pill and tincture form really shook things up, but ultimately we both felt a renewed boost. 

Natural cleanses aside, there are other sustainable ways to keep our toxin-removing liver and kidneys grooving, such as…

Limiting: dairy, wheat, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugars (the usual suspects in tummy crimes).

Amping up: dark leafy greens, fruits, nuts & seeds, ginger, garlic, organic extra virgin nut oils, plant-based protein sources, H2O.

Bright green veggie juices also provide a cleansing kick without spiking blood sugars to the same extent as pure fruit juices. With type 1 diabetes, I’ve hopped right onto the green juice wagon! Smoothies still rock the fiber chart (which is a mega plus in the digestive department) so I tend to alternate between both.

If you’re in the market for a green juice-making machine, check out this Juicer Buying Guide from the folks at Food Matters (or put it on your Birthday list). If you’ve already invested in one, try out this diabetic-friendly green juice medley!

Half cucumber (remove peel if not organic)
Hefty bunch of kale or spinach (according to recent studies, be wary of overdosing on raw kale if you’ve got a needy thyroid like me)
1 inch square piece of ginger root
2 celery stalks
2 medium carrot sticks
1 small lime (peeled)
1 small low glycemic fruit (apple, peach, pear)

Carbohydrates: approx. 14 grams per 12 oz mason jar.

Happy healthy guts!


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