Happy, Heartfelt Wishes for 2014!

Happy New Year wonderful peeps! I hope your holidays have been filled with festive spirit and warm, fuzzy down time with loved ones. Reflecting back on 2013, I feel super grateful. Last year I started this little blog to share my experiences with type 1 diabetes and plant-based love, and I am so thankful to you for visiting!

As our inboxes get inundated with new year’s wishes and fresh resolutions for 2014, I often wonder – where to begin? According to a reputable source (my local radio station Mountain FM), only 3% of new year’s resolutions actually stick. Not a big surprise right? Success rates hinge on a pressure to commit, but maybe if this pressure was lifted we’d see more resolutions rocking all year long?

Crazy Sexy Wellness Revolution pioneer Kris Carr recently shared her new year’s aspiration to embrace ease, and I could not agree more. She writes “For me, ease at work and at home equals joy, health, creativity and contentment…The opposite of ease leads me to unneeded suffering.” True that!

My new year’s resolutions usually surround thriving with type 1 diabetes. Every new goal I set has some impact on blood sugars, insulin levels, overall wellbeing and long term health. Unfortunately, these goals induce stress and pressure when things fall short (ie. blood sugar yoyo effect, higher hemoglobin A1C levels, lack of fitness) which leads to ugly guilt and frustration. Letting go of this dark cloud of negative energy is often a challenge, but releasing it means I can restore balance way faster and get back to my goals. So ease is definitely something I’d like to embrace more of in 2014!

Wishing you all the best for a happy, healthy, ease-filled new year πŸ™‚


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