Rituals to Replenish Dry Winter Skin

Winter is here! As much as I love living in a snow-globe town, with its gingerbread village and snow capped peaks, winter isn’t always wonderland when it comes to dry skin. With type 1 diabetes, our skin is already more prone to dryness due to blood sugar fluctuations and circulation issues. It’s also easier to contract infections when skin gets cracked, especially when we’re pricking blood from calloused finger pads. This is no fun in the frosty air.

With a blizzard of brand name skin-sealing moisturizers out there, it’s harder to find natural, effective ways to trick old man winter. As I recently considered a full body milk bath to solve my dry skin dilemma, I came across this super article and I wanted to share it with you! Check out these 6 Tips to Soothe Dry Skin shared by the creators of Hungry for Change (if you haven’t watched the documentary yet, it’s definitely a must-see).

The article lists some great ways to naturally lock in moisture, like opting for organic skincare with pure oils such as almond, avocado, coconut or jojoba. Another easy tip is taking shorter showers with lukewarm water followed by an immediate layer of lotion, versus a steaming hot 20 minute waterfall (this can be challenging after a day on the slopes).

Sadly trusted cream brands like Curel and Dermal Therapy still use parabens, fragrance and other icky synthetics. For skincare lines that take a more natural approach (and actually work), I’ve been digging Whistler Naturals – especially the buttercream icing body butter. Their sweet line is organic, vegan, free of nasty chemicals, and smells downright edible. It’s also made right here in my local community!

Whistler Naturals

Whistler Naturals

For the winter woe of cracked/chapped lips, Rocky Mountain Soap Co. also offers up some seriously tasty natural lip butters.

‘Tis the season for happy, healthy, hydrated skin!


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