Diabetes on the Dance Floor

Disco ball in blue

Okay, so being a perfect diabetic on the regular isn’t always feasible.  In an ideal world, there’s an evening snack of balanced protein, carbs & fats before heading to bed with a good read (both in book and glucometer form).  But if a night time snack turns into a dance-floor-pop-divas-of-the-nineties/early 2000’s situation, we can’t blame the DJ and odds are we’ll need a booster snack with plenty of H2O before bed.

Needless to say, frequent over-indulging makes one susceptible to a boat load of diabetes complications which we all know about.  Even close friends may have a hard time grasping the fact that you LOOK fine but inside your system is working at least twice as hard to keep up.  One grain of wisdom I’ve acquired in my ahem, older twenties is that it’s OK to leave early cause let’s face it – nothing really happens after midnight, does it? I admittedly suffer from FOMO, but I try to pick my battles when it comes to the nightlife scene.

When I do find myself out way past bedtime, I always carry a little something in my clutch in case poutine and deep dish pizza are the only late night options.  CLIF shot bloks are a great burst of energy, as well as gomacro bars for some gluten-free/vegan protein and carb action.  As if a hangover isn’t punishment enough for the average non-diabetty, it’s also kind of imperative that the alarm is set to test glucose levels throughout the night.  I find it also helps to decrease the long acting insulin dose to avoid delayed onset hypoglycemia as dancing can be a solid form of exertion…right?

Tweak insulin and snack intake to twerk it, ladies!


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