Divorcing Dairy

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Trying to break up with dairy? Saying adios to milk is no easy feat, especially when it’s been a lifelong relationship.  It’s easy to relapse and promise to never cheat again, but easier said than done.  You’re probably aware of the mainstream propaganda surrounding dairy (drink milk or become an invalid lacking bone density), which has been scientifically countered by a number of experts in the field who continue to debunk the myths (check out The China Study).  Aside from gastro issues, there is a slew of inflammatory side effects over the long term as well as chronic sinus conditions associated with dairy.  If any of these issues ring the proverbial cow bell, it’s probably time to sever the dairy ties and find a new match.

English: Shelled almonds (Prunus dulcis) Itali...Luckily, the market for milk substitutes is wide reaching and LARGELY improving in taste; from soy and rice to hemp and quinoa.  Personally I’ve grown fond of the almond variety – unsweetened for less havoc on the blood glucose levels and easy to digest.  It’s also lower in calories per serving, and even more delicious with chai or matcha green tea “lattes”.

If ice cream is a tough item to part with on your list, I recommend trying out Almond Dream‘s vanilla or chocolate flavor.  It’s also a great low blood sugar quick fix! Not to mention creamy and delicious.

For the purest form of milk substitutes, best to make your own! Check out Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen recipes for inspiration.


6 thoughts on “Divorcing Dairy

  1. I was slightly lactose intolerant for about 4 years, and couldn’t have milk or cream, but was fine with lots of cheeses, yogurt, butter etc. I transitioned from vegetarian to vegan in January, and since then I have not had any colds or flus, sinus problems or migraines – which I used suffer terribly from. I also have peace of mind that I’m not causing any suffering to other creatures! I love rice milk, and find it so easy to make my own, so I know everything that is going in it.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Chelsey!
    I divorced dairy at the recommendation of a friend — leading integrative medicine nurse practitioner, Pamela McDonald. That was about 5 years ago. After the divorce, I immediately watched my A1c drop to the 6’s for first time since diagnosis in 94′. (I remember sharing this info with Scott Johnson and Kerri Sparling, among others, at a conference not long thereafter since I was so amazed by the improvements & wanted others to know.) Also, I’ve have come to really enjoy the unsweetened almond & coconut milks as well (and will def. be keeping my eye out for the Almond Dream ice cream… whoa! : ).
    Thanks again for the post — look forward to reading more.

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