Camping Essentials: The Gluten-Free S’more

With a hint of summer in the air, the camping season is well underway on the west coast! The first weekend in June was celebrated with a trip up to Strawberry Point, a camping hot spot just north of Pemberton, B.C.  With the low fire hazard rating still in effect, we set out to find the perfect lakeside fire pit.

strawberry point

Truly, what is camping without a camp fire? And what is a camp fire without the classic comfort treat of s’mores? Well, when you’re juggling a gluten-free diet with type 1 diabetes, the concept of ‘treat’ is often redefined.  I decided to take a bold move and go for the gluten-free S’moreables Graham Style Crackers.  Likely the most expensive s’more I’ve ever indulged in but well worth it.  The cracker itself was the perfect balance of soft crunch and graham flavor, with only 9 grams of carbs and 2 grams of sugar per 3 cookie serving.


With a thin piece of dark chocolate and a Stevia-sweetened coconut marshmallow in between, you’ve got yourself a fine gluten-free, diabetic friendly s’more.

Do you have a fave boutique health food store? If you’re in the New Westminster area, check out Karmavore for vegan specialty items, including an array of campfire marshmallow options such as Sweet & Sara.


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