Back on the Grid

Part of moving forward is forgiveness, so I am going to forgive myself for the multi-month lapse between posts! And here is my swift attempt at reentering the blogosphere…

On the topic of swift, I decided to venture into the realm of express smoothie mixes.  This can be a daunting task given the wide variety of brands on the market (even within the whole foods segment).  Ultimately, Vega seemed like the optimal choice.

Smoothie As a plant-based, vegan alternative to the commonplace whey or soy protein mix, the texture is smooth and the taste is unexpectedly un-chalky.  My flavor is the Tropical Tango seen here.  With an ample hit of powdered greens, including spinach and kale, you’re good to go on the veg front even if salad isn’t on the menu.  All you need to add is water, although I prefer to throw in some frozen berries, almond milk, and a touch of coconut water for an extra kick in the pants.

Diabetic disclaimer: for fellow type 1 diabetics on the go, this nutrient packed shake only has 2 grams of sugar plus 5 grams of fiber/10 grams of protein per serving! Also sweetened with Stevia as an added bonus on the low glycemic index.

And when you’re not consuming the beloved kale leaf in blended form, check out the colorful lineup of raw kale chips from Alive & Radiant Foods – so far the hibiscus & pink peppercorn is my fave.  Until I perfect the home baked kale chip, I can’t resist splurging on this crunchy “superfood” snack.  They do go on sale periodically at Whole Foods and Nester’s Market, be sure to keep an eye peeled!


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