Fine Dining on a Dime AND a Diet

  Living in Whistler during the aptly coined ‘shoulder season’, restaurants and local eateries are practically shouting out their deals from the mountain top to drum up some post-partum summer/pre-winter business.  The upside is that it gives us locals a chance to experience the more fine dining venues without the colossal Whistler premium.  Many dining outlets are promoting set course menus, and being a type 1 diabetic with a gluten/dairy allergy doesn’t necessarily pair well.  But I was pleasantly surprised with the accommodating hospitality geared towards the Whistlerite who won’t be contributing to the company’s gross tourist income.

A prime example of my most recent gastronomic experience, deemed worthy of a shout out:

Bearfoot Bistro.  Known as one of Whistler’s finest and most inviting dining establishments, complete with a vodka tasting room, the Bearfoot is within reach to locals during the off season with a $36 five course fall tasting menu.  Our approachable server was more than willing to substitute elements of each course to suit my dietary requirements, such as morel mushroom toast with gluten-free bread and truffle oil vs. multigrain and butter, and then home-made exotic fruit sorbet drizzled with meringue shavings instead of caramelized banana and popcorn ice cream (trust me I was tempted to cheat).  And don’t be fooled by dainty portions – five courses of rich cuisine is plenty, even with a gluten & dairy-free, diabetic-friendly twist! Select wines also 50% off during this limited seasonal offer.

For a full listing of Whistler dine-tastic venues featuring gluten and/or dairy-free options coupled with enticing shoulder season offers, check out the Pique Newsmagazine.


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